National Trademark Registration, INPI; MNA 566305

MISSION; Internationalize Portuguese knowledge of creative and inventive engineering.
Create sustainable and resilient balanced housing environments, promoters of the global health.
Valuing the built heritage, adding value to real estate offers.
To promote the autochthonous and architectural wonders of Portugal, improving them and making them available to international demand.

VALUES; Maturity, Seriousness, Science in the pursuit of safe knowledge, Transparent correction, Objectivity, Responsibility in competence, Precautionary Judgment, High quality of rules and procedures and Intolerance with amateurisms and persistent errors that disgrace situations! With rigor and friendly dedication to our customers!

STRUCTURE; We are organized in a network, interconnecting privileged contacts with owners, investors and financial and real estate consultants, working all real estate deals (private, institutional or bank and insolvency), mostly in Portuguese territory and Portuguese speaking countries!

PARTNERSHIPS; International investment agencies, Real estate funds, Architects, Builders, Banking real estate developers, Insolvency recovery agents and Solicitors mediators of business.

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